Is Andre the giant deaf

Updated: 11/18/2022
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Q: Is Andre the giant deaf
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Who will win giant gonzales vs Andre the giant?

Andre the giant

Who would win in a fight the giant gonzalus or Andre the giant?

Andre the giant

If Andre the giant is Russian how is big show American?

its simple...big show is a giant from America and Andre the giant is a giant from rusia

Who is more famous Andre the Giant ot Adele?

andre the giant

Does Andre the Giant have children?

Yes, Andre the Giant has 1 kids

Why was Andre the giant arrested?

Andre The Giant was arrested for possession of drugs

How many children does Andre the Giant have?

Andre the Giant has 1 child

Who would win big show or Andre the giant?

andre the giant!

What is the weight of Andre the giant?

He weighed 550 pounds.

How many brothers and sisters Andre the giant have?

Andre the giant brother giant dead 1996

Whats Andre the giant real name?

Andre Rene Rousinoff Andre the Giant's real name is Andre Rene Roussimoff

When is Andre the Giant's birthday?

Andre the Giant was born on May 19, 1946