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yes he came back in royal rumble 2010 and he is winner of royal rumble 2010.

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Q: Is WWE superstar Edge back on monady night raw?
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Is edge coming back in 2011?

yes, edge is coming back to wwe just for one night to be the guest superstar.

When is WWE superstar Triple H going to be back?

He is already back if you saw Monday Night Raw on 11/1/10

Edge will come back?

he will come back running and break his toe at shiza house then he lose yassir abrar and john cena mysterio will win every match edge will fall of the edge r stands for rated rat superstar rey will beat the hell out of undertaker

Will edge beat big show and john cenia at wrestlemania 25?

Definatly no. Just because he is the rated R superstar and a woosy, doesn't mean he will get his title back. I think John Cena will get his world heavyweight championship back because edge is a shmuck.

What is edge doing now since he is off smackdown?

Recovering from Surgery and for the record as of last night he is back.

When will edge return to the WWE 2012?

edge will return probably at unforgiven but theres a rumor he has a cancer! :( i wish hell return! NO that is not true what so ever A there is no more unforgiven well i don't think and B Edge left because he teared his achilies tendon in al live event in sandiago he faced Jeff hardy

Is Shawn Michaels coming back at summerslam?

yes also with triple h to replace edge and jerico Shawn Michaels is not coming back to replace anyone he is retired! Edge and Jericho are still apart of team WWE did you not watch last night

When was Back from the Edge created?

Back from the Edge was created on 1996-03-07.

Where does WWE superstar edge live now?

He had torn his Achilles tendon in July 2009, but has recovered and he's back wretling. In February 2011, Edge defeated Ziggler to win back the World Title for the seventh time, and his 11th World Championship overall.

Where is the WWE superstar Sandman?

he had to go back to sand deago

What happend to WWE superstar the undertaker?

He is currently injured but he will be back.

How do you get your mailbox back after deleting it in the sims superstar?

I don't think you can