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Professional wrestler Jeff Hardy's dad's name is Gilbert Hardy. Jeff's mother, Ruby Moore Hardy, passed away when he was very young.

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Q: Is jeff Hardy's dad called gilbert Nero hardy?
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Jeff hardys full name?

Jeffrey Nero Hardy

What is Jeff hardys name?

his full name is jeffry Nero hardy

What is Jeff hardy real name?

Jeff hardys real name is Jeffrey Nero Hardy. also his brother Matt hardys real name is Mathew Moore Hardy. Edited by: Sam B. Hardy :|

What is Jeff hardys real full name?

Jeff Nero hardy

What is Jeff hardys full name?

Jeff Hardy's full name is Jeffrey Nero Hardy.

Wwe what is Jeff hardys real name?

Jeff Nero Hardy is his real name

Is the hardys real brothers?

yes Jeff is really jeffrey Nero hardy and Matt is Matthew Moore hardy they are real brothers

What is Jeff hardys middle name?

Jeffrey "Jeff" Nero HardyFor the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click under the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated directly below this answer section.

Is The Jeff Hardy Brand Jeff Hardys MySpace?

Hi, I just want to check if the myspaceprofile I have on Jeff Nero Hardy is real.Otherwise I would be more than happy to throw it out!! Jeff Hardy Brand

What Jeff hardy real name?

jeffrey Nero hardy

Are Neros real?

Nero is Jeff hardys middle name

Who is Jeff Hardy's Girlfriend in WWE?

Jeff does not havea Diva girlfriend however he does have a real life gf named Lindsey!!