What is a defensible claim?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What is a defensible claim?
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which statement about the claim is true?

It is both arguable and defensible.

There should be no minimum voting age.Which statement about the claim is trueA) it is defensible but not arguableB) it is both arguable and defensibleC) it is neither arguable nor defensibleD) It is arguable but not defensible?

Ans) D. It is arguable but not defensible. -Apex

Which sentence is a claim that is both arguable and defensible?

Improving bicycle lanes would reduce road accidents

What is a sentence with the word defensible?

But it seems it is also the least defensible of circumstances.

Is weak affirmative action morally defensible?

No affirmative action is morally defensible.

Do you agree the ancient Romans were not artistic people?

The claim that the ancient Romans were not artistic is not easily defensible, if it is defensible at all. For, in respect to architecture, a number of visual arts (such as sculpture), and literature (poetry and prose alike), among other areas, the Romans were quite distinctively and admirably artistic by comparison with other ancient (and later) peoples and cultures.

What is a defensible thesis?

A defensible thesis is a statement that can be supported with evidence and reasoning. It should be clear, specific, and arguable to encourage critical thinking and discussion. Adequate research and analysis are required to back up a defensible thesis.

Is the affirmative action policy defensible?


How many syllables are in defensible?

There are 4.

Which claim is both arguable and defensible?

Giving children mobile phones can protect them in emergencies.

Which areas of north America did Spain conquer last?

There are numerous areas of North America that Spain never tried to conquer (such as the the Northeast United States or Canada). The area in North America that Spain made the latest claim to was the Oregon Territory, but Spain rescinded its claim when the US and UK made much more effective and defensible claims.

What makes a thesis defensible?

A defensible thesis is one that is supported by logical reasoning, credible evidence, and thorough analysis. It should be well-researched, clearly stated, and able to withstand scrutiny and counterarguments. Additionally, a defensible thesis should contribute something new to the existing body of knowledge or offer a fresh perspective on the topic.