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They are the same thing it is just a different name for a butterfly knife, it is call balisong in the Philippines.

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Q: What is the difference between a Balisong vs a Butterfly Knife?
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Can you carry a butterfly knife in Illinois?

Balisong knives, also called butterfly knives, are legal in Illinois.

What products are sold on the Bailsong website?

The Balisong website sells balisong knives which originate in the Philippines. The Philippines are the original home of the balisong which is also often called a butterfly knife.

Are butterfly knives considered a deadly weapon?

Also called the "balisong" or "gravity knife", YES, the knife is considered a deadly weapon and is prohibited from most states when carried concealed.

Are butterfly knives legal in the uk?

No! They are not. They are classed as an offensive weapon (a flick knife specifically) under the Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act 1959. Under this act, it is illegal to import, sell or carry a flick knife or a knife that has a blade, hidden within the handle, released either by gravity or mechanical operation (ie: a butterfly, or a Balisong knife.) Therefore, butterfly knifes are not legal in the UK.

What company makes folding pocket knife with butterfly on blade?

Folding pocket knives with butterflies on the blade are often associated with the brand "Balisong," which is also known as a butterfly knife. Balisong knives are a type of folding pocket knife with two handles that rotate around the blade. The distinctive "butterfly" design of these knives allows for quick and fluid flipping and manipulation. Several companies manufacture balisong knives, and some of the well-known brands include: Benchmade: Benchmade is a reputable knife manufacturer that produces high-quality balisong knives with precision engineering and craftsmanship. BRS (BladeRunnerS Systems): BRS is known for producing premium balisong knives designed for flipping enthusiasts and collectors. Their knives are often highly sought after for their performance and durability. Kershaw: Kershaw offers a range of balisong knives at different price points, catering to both beginners and experienced users. Their knives are known for their quality construction and reliability. Bradley Cutlery: Bradley Cutlery manufactures balisong knives with a focus on performance and innovation. Their knives feature durable materials and ergonomic designs for optimal flipping and handling. Squid Industries: Squid Industries specializes in producing balisong knives designed for flipping enthusiasts. Their knives are known for their smooth action, balanced design, and customizable features. These are just a few examples of companies that manufacture folding pocket knives with butterfly designs on the blade. When purchasing a balisong knife, it's essential to consider factors such as build quality, materials, blade type, and intended use to ensure that you choose a knife that meets your needs and preferences. Additionally, be sure to check local laws and regulations regarding the ownership and carrying of balisong knives in your area.

Are butterfly knives illegal in Canada?

It depends. Balisong Knives (Commonly known as Butterfly Knives) often fall under the category of "Gravity Knives" which are illegal. (These are knives opened through Gravity). Thus, you may be able to talk your way out of having your Balisong taken or being arrested for it, but in court, it's likely the judge will find it illegal. The safest way is to get a trainer which is a blunt Balisong with holes drilled so you can't sharpen it. Also, the most popular company for Balisong's is Benchmade who owns the copyright of Butterfly Knives and produces "The Butterfly Knife". You know what I mean if you ever watch videos. Everyone uses a Benchmade.

What is a balisword?

A balisword is an exceptionally large balisong knife.

Are butterfly knives illegal in California?

Butterfly or Balisong, or gravity knives are illegal to sell, buy, mail, possess, carry, unless you are active duty military or law enforcement officer.detailed analysis of CA knife carry laws is in the attached link.yes

Where can you buy a benchmade model 51 balisong knife?

On the benchmade website

What the hecks a butterfly knife?

A butterfly knife, also known as a balisong knife, is a folding pocket knife with two handles that rotate around the blade. The distinctive feature of a butterfly knife is its "butterfly" or "fan" opening mechanism, which allows the knife to be rapidly deployed with a flick of the wrist. The handles of a butterfly knife are connected by a pivot pin, which enables them to swing freely and lock into place when the knife is open or closed. Butterfly knives typically have a single-edged blade that folds into the handles when not in use. The blade can vary in length and shape, with common blade styles including tanto, clip point, and spear point. The handles of a butterfly knife are often designed with textured grips or patterns to provide a secure hold during use. Butterfly knives are popular among knife enthusiasts, collectors, and enthusiasts of flipping and manipulation. They are prized for their unique opening mechanism, compact size, and sleek design. However, butterfly knives can be illegal or restricted in some jurisdictions due to safety concerns and their association with potential misuse or harm. In addition to their use as everyday carry (EDC) knives, butterfly knives are also used in martial arts and as performance props in various forms of entertainment, including movies, television, and video games. The art of flipping and manipulating butterfly knives, known as "balisong flipping," has its own dedicated community of enthusiasts who practice and compete in skill-based events and competitions.

What is a balisong?

A balisong is a folding pocket knife with two handles counter-rotating around the tang such that when closed, the blade is concealed within the grooves in the handles.

Is Ellie's knife a butterfly knife in The Last Of Us?

No, Ellie's knife is not a butterfly knife. It is a switchblade.