What matches is in Extreme Rules?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Batista vs. Cena - Last Man Standing

Orton vs. Swaggart

Sheamus vs. Triple H - Street Fight

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Q: What matches is in Extreme Rules?
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Who will be in the extreme matches at WWE extreme rules?

Matt hardy vs Jeff hardy

What were some of the matches at WrestleMania 21?

Some of the matches at Wrestlemania 21 are: Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Extreme Rules, WWE Payback, Money In the Bank, SUmmerSlam, Night of the Champions.

Based on the main event matches which WWE pay-per-view was better Extreme Rules or Breaking Point?

ecw blood sport

Who was the hooded attacker of rey mysterio at extreme rules?

It is Joey Mercury, He is wrestling dark matches with a shaved head. He is the newest member of the S.E.S.

Is extreme rules after backlash?

Extreme Rules replaced backlash.

Smackdown vs raw 08 how to get tables?

go in the middle outside ring and press x for ps2 and then you will have the tables,in certain matches you cant get a table from under the ring.Some matches you can use include ECW extreme rules match and tlc.

What matches are on svr 2010?

Table match, Inferno match, First Blood, Last Man Standing, Tag team, Tornado tag, ECW extreme rules match.

Did batista return to WWE at extreme rules 2012?

no but I did go to extreme rules 2012

Who will win at extreme rules edge or chris Jericho?

Edge will win at Extreme Rules.

Will batista win at extreme rules?

Batista will not win at extreme rules. triple h is schelued to return at extreme rules and betray Batista he is in randy 's group the legacy.

What is the difference between an extreme rules and a hard core rules match?

hardcore is falls count anywhere extreme rules isn't.

What will they do about extreme rules since edge retires?

the might not put extreme rules because edge retired