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Q: What reason is a population not a hardy weinburg equlibrium?
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If you know the phenotypes of all organisms in a population you can calculate the allelic frequency of the population?

Yes, use the Hardy-Weinburg equilibrium equation.

Who was in the California Gold Rush Begin?

Hardy Weinburg

What must be true for a hardy weinburg equilibrium to occur?

No allele can give an advantage

What is Hardy Diagnostics's population?

Hardy Diagnostics's population is 180.

A population consists of 9 percent white sheep and 91 percent black sheep what is the frequency of the black wool allele if the black wool allele is dominant and the white wool allele is recessive?

If 91% of the population consists of black sheep, and the black wool allele is dominant, we can assume that all black sheep carry at least one copy of the black wool allele. Therefore, the frequency of the black wool allele in the population is 100%.

What is the population of Chorlton-cum-Hardy?

Chorlton-cum-Hardy's population is 13,512.

What is the uses of hardy weinburg?

The Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium is a mathematical model used to predict the frequency of alleles in a population over time, assuming certain conditions are met. It is used by geneticists to study evolution, genetic drift, and natural selection within populations. It helps determine if a population is evolving or if forces such as mutation, gene flow, or genetic drift are affecting allele frequencies.

What is the population of Hardy County WV?

According to, the 2007 population estimate of Hardy County, West Virginia, is 12,669.

Which population is most likely to be in Hardy-equilibrium?

A large population residing on an isolated island is more likely to reach Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

What is it called when a population is not evolving?

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

What happens when a population is in Hardy Weinberg's experiments?


If a new allele appears in the population the Hardy Weinberg formula?

If a new allele appears in a population, the Hardy-Weinberg formula cannot be used. This is because there is now no equilibrium.