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Does Randy Orton like Metallica Led Zeppelin Pantera and Ozzy Osbourne

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Robert Hall

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7mo ago
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Rock, Metal, And Some Rap

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I'm a big time die hard fan of Randy Orton. I love Randy Orton.

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Q: What type of music does Randy Orton like?
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Pictures of Randy Orton?

go /images and type int randy orton

How can you listen to Randy Orton song?

You go to Youtube and type in Randy Orton's Theme song 2010. If you want the lyrics, type in lyrics at the end.

What type of wresler is Randy Orton?

He is a heavy weight

Can you download Randy Orton's entrance song on iTunes and if it is what do you type in to find it?


Did Randy Orton get bit by a viper?

There is little to no evidence anywhere that Randy Orton has ever gotten bitten by any type of snake. Randy Orton is nicknamed 'The Viper' due to his agility in ring as he moves with speed and sneaks up on his opponents, similar to the abilities of a Viper.

Which anime does Randy Orton like?

He doesn't seem like the type to watch anime, but I think he would like something in the action genre, like Dragonball Z

Photo's of Randy Orton?

Go to up in the left corner of the website, and it will say maps, images, web, ect. Click on images, then type in Randy Orton, and the pictures will show up.

How do you unlock randy orton's costume on wwe2010?

Go to cheat codes and type in:ViperRko

What was the birthday of randy ortons baby?

July 12, 2008. If you want to know anything else about Randy Orton just type in his name on WikiAnswers.

What is randy orton's entrance song?

go on YouTube and type down "randy ortons old and first enterance song" and i promise it will come up.

How did randy orton get a six pack?

Type your answer here... the natural way working out in the gym three times a week

What is the name of the new Randy Orton entrance music It is new as of May 12 08. Who is the performer?

I think the song name is Voices or I hear voices. You can check it out on youtube. YOU have to type orton's new theme song. And it says the guy who sang it, i think it is Rev Theroy or something!!! The song is I hear voices by Rev Theory.