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Jeff hardy last match in 2003 was against's the rock after that he was inactive for 2 weeks before being fired.

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Q: What was Jeff Hardy's last match in 2003?
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How do you put Jeff hardys face paint on on svr 09?

U can't. Im not sure if he's in svr 10 because he had his last match.

Where is the WWE European title?

vacanted,last time it was won it was Jeff hardys

What year was Jeff Hardy's last match in the WWE?

Jeff Hardy's last match was in 2009.

Is The hardys last name are the hardys?

Well when they tag together, they are known as the Hardys, meaning two of them. But both of their last names are Hardy.

What are the release dates for Jeff Corwin Unleashed - 2003 Last Call Nepal?

Jeff Corwin Unleashed - 2003 Last Call Nepal was released on: USA: 18 January 2004

When did Jeff hardy lose against cm punk?

Jeff Hardy lost to CM Punk in his last match at summerslam 2009

Who burned Jeff hardys house?

Nobody as far as I know burnt down Jeff Hardy's home. Accidents happen and places do catch fire if your not careful. Last time I checked it was an electrical issue.

Where did Monica Seles retire?

Her last match was the 2003 French Open, but she was injured.

When will Jeff hardy comeback at WWE?

Well it depends. His March 19 2010 court date has been pushed back to May 10 2010. If he is found guilty he will be wrestling... in prison. Right now Jeff is in TNA and I think he is done with the WWE for some time because of the hectic touring schedule that the WWE has. It makes me sick to write this because I AM A HUGE JEFF HARDY FAN!!

What is the name of Jeff hardys tna song?

i think " no more words" Hardy had several themes in TNA., "Modest" by his band Peroxwhy?gen., "Another Me" by Dale Oliver and himself, and the "Immortal Theme". No More Words was his last WWE theme.

When Jeff Hardy lost his last match did that mean he'll be gone forever?

No he will probably come back in 2010 or at the Royal Rumble.

Who won the world heavy weight championship at summer slam 2009?

The undertaker kept the world heavyweight championship but lost it before Judgement day 2008 due to his illegal chokehold that vickie gerrero made illegal which made his have to let go of the world heavyweight championship.