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A good place is to do a hand chop to the side of the neck, just below the ear. ther's a big nerve running up there. it will cause a KO. on weaker people eg. heart problem, it can sometimes be fatal. If you cant get to the neck then you can punch downwards onto the ribs just below the pecks, it hurts like s**t. This is because no one, not even body builders can build that much muscle there. If all else fails just do a big blow to the liver, gut area :)

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WikiAnswers does not give answers encouraging bodily harming someone. If you need to learn self defense, or are interested in the sport of boxing, try a search engine and type in those words.

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Most likely in a diagonal direction starting at the bottom going up to the nose.

Punch the 'Exit' sign and leave.

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The solar plexus just below the sternum. Take the fight right out of your opponent,

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Q: Where is the best place to hit someone in self defense?
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What is the meaning of self-defense?

Self defence is defending yourself in any way. It could be physically, emotionally....and much more. If you are looking at self defence internationally, then it is the actions taken by a person to prevent another person from causing harm to one's self, one's property or one's home. self defense is what u use when someone is either in a fight or someone is trying to either hurt or kill u. it is best to know self defense so you can self defend your self :-)!

Can someone plead self-defense defending someone else?


What is the prison sentence for killing someone in self defense in Los Angeles?

If it was truly self-defense, there may not be any sentence. If it was clearly self-defense, there may not even be charges brought.

What is the best martial art for self-defense?

Martial art is only one, and the methods are different, the martial art is by essence self-defense, so if your method of applying the techniques is effective then your style is the best in self-defense. You can visit my Youtube channel for self-defense videos @elmolishow

Can you perform self defense against somebody on their property?

You can perform self defense against someone on their property as long as they attacked you first and you are in danger.

Can you legally kill someone you dislike?

No, unless it was self defense.

If you kill someone in self defense could you get the death penalty?


Does self defense work for kids?

karate is the best self defence for kids

Should karate be used just for self-defense?

Yes, the real spirit of martial art is not hurting someone. It should be used for self-defense only. If you think that you can use your talent to bully someone or to show your aggression, then sorry my buddy, you haven't learned the real karate.But remember, even the best of the teachers say that the best way of self-defense is to run away. It is much more effective than engaging in a fight and I must say that it is a more mature decision!Follow this similar question for further reading:Should_people_only_use_karate_for_self-defense

What is a good name for a company that sells self-defense products?

Fightback, A Good Defense, Best Defense, Defend Yourself

What is the best self defense hand gun In the 200-300 dollar range?

The Mossberg 500 series is the best self defense hand gun in the 200 to 300 dollar range.

What is the best defense for domestic assault charges?

That you were reacting in self-defense? Doubtful but it MIGHT work. Or - simply WALK AWAY - don't strike your spouse or family member in the first place - even if they struck you!