Who is chris jerichos band?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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Chris Jericho's Band is called Fozzy

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Q: Who is chris jerichos band?
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What are chris Jerichos band hit song?

Enemy by fozzy

Who is Chris Jerichos son?

hIS son's name is Ashton

Who is going to be chris Jerichos tag team partner?

big show

Who will be chris Jerichos partner at WWE night of champions?

Dolph Ziggler

Who is chris Jerichos dad?

Ted Irvine, a former National Hockey League player

Is Chris Masters coming back to WWE?

yes because he might be jerichos mystery partner

How do you unlock chris Jerichos alt costume?

AltJerichoModelSvR09its a cheat for 09 as 2010 doesnt have alt Jericho hope i helped

What is chris jerichos name?

Chris Jericho's nickname "Y2J" is just a remake of Y2K (year 2000) when he was kicking off the new year in 2000.

How did Chris Jerichos mother die?

Due to complications from being paralyzed. And in case you want to know how she became paralyzed, her boyfriend (not Jericho's father, they were divorced) beat her up.

What happened to chris?

Chris went on after Selena died to create his own band "The Chris Perez Band."

When will chris Jericho's have his own DVD?

to be honest jr i think Jericho should get martin smith to help him to make his DVD then martin can rub jerichos nob in his eye...............jesticles nice

Is Chris Angel in the Him band?

no he is in the band angeldust