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As of October 2010, no-body knows who the raw gm is.

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As of October 2010,no-body knows who the raw gm is.

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Q: Who is the anonymous WWE general manager?
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Tiffany WWE -?

she is the general manager of ECW

Who is raws secret general manger?

The Anonymous Raw General Manager is Hornswoggle. It was revealed on the July 9th, 2012 edition of Monday Night Raw. It was revealed by Santino Marella, who was investigating the identity of the Anonymous General Manager.

WWE Theodore long?

ECW General Manager

Who is general manger of raw whend will they show that person?

The Anonymous RAW General Manager is intentionally anonymous. The purpose of the character is so that WWE Creative Team is able to influence the show with an authority figure, without having that authority figure steal the spotlight away from the actual talent (such as how Vickie Guerrero did as GM). The persona of the Anonymous RAW General Manager is presently under the direction of the Head Writer for RAW, Dave Kapoor (better known as Ranjin Singh in the ring).

Who is RAW's Anonymous General Manager?

As of October 2010,no-one knows.

Who is the general manager of raw in December 2010?

No-one knows as they are anonymous.

Is there a GM Mode in WWE 12?

No, the General Manager Mode will not be included in WWE '12.

How do you unlock general manager mode on SvR 2009?

There is no General Manager Mode on WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2009.

Who is the WWE raw general manager?

i think its got to be the hbk

Is Shawn micheals returning?

yes he will return at summerslam as the anonymous general manager

Who is general manager of WWE since Bret got fired?


Who is Teddy off WWE?

Friday night smackdown's general manager.