Who killed Eddie guerro?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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According to the coroner, Eddie Gurero died of Heart disease; he was not murdered.

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Q: Who killed Eddie guerro?
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What happen in 2005 with rey mysterio son and Eddie guerro?

Eddie guerro died in 2005

Were Eddie guerro and Vicki guerro married?

Yes and had two daughters

Did Vicki guerro ever remarry after Eddie guerro died?

no but she is in love with edge.

Who is better Eddie guerro rey mysterio or jimmy snuka?

My pick : Eddie Guerrero

What happened to Eddie guerro?

he had tooken staroids and his heart was to big

Why did Eddie guerro interrupt rey mysterios match at wrestlemainia?

Eddie Guerrero died in 2005.

How many children did Eddie guerro had when he died?

he had three sons when he died

How come Eddie guerro have a heart deasese?

Eddie had an addiction to alcohol and pain killers and some other medications which affected his heart

Is Eddie guerro wrestling now under tna under a new name?

Eddie Guerrero is dead. His brother, Hector Guerrero, is currrently wrestling in TNA, and he looks a lot like Eddie.

Did Eddie Guerro Really Die?

Yes he did he died of heart failure from using to much steroids. Please get your facts straight! When Eddie died he had been clean and sober for four years.

Wrestling is fake and wrestle rs real they are dead?

wrestlering is fake undertaker is not a deadman he buried people Eddie guerro is dead beniot is not.

Did rey mysterio killed Eddie?

no, i did not killed eddie. and i love him, we are team meat