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Definitely fourth hokage will win. Even if naruto is strong after sage mode, he would have no

answer to the "flying thunder god technique" of fourth hokage.

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Q: Who would win naruto or fourth Hokage?
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Who would win Kakashi or the 4th Hokage?

Obviously Fourth Kakashi stands no chance against him And in one of his Interviews Kishimoto said that Fourth Hokage was the most strongest Hokage etc....

Who would win fourth Hokage or goku?

I believe it would be goku for multiple reasons to long to list

How do you get unt Naruto in Naruto conr 2?

You must win 750 battles in total OR get hokage rank on all regular naruto missions.Or both.

Who would win in a fight 1st Hokage or Sasuke?

sasuke would win

Who would win Naruto or Loofy?


Who would win Naruto or sauske?

naruto hands down

How would win Naruto or sauske?

naruto all the way

Who would win in a fight itachi or naruto?

Naruto ado

Who would win yujiro hanma or naruto uzimaki?


Who who win a fight Naruto or Sasuke?

it would be a tie.!\ Naruto for many reasons! go and search "who would win naruto or ichiogo?" for the abilites of naruto. i have commented on it and it is the biggest answer at the very bottom.

How do you find ebisu to get the first and second Hokage on Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3?

first you do the two child's riddles and get everyone right the you go to ebisu and pass all his questions the you win 1st and 2nd hokage for story mode

Who would win naruto or avatar the last air bender?

naruto !!!