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Q: Is Batham caste belongs to higher class?
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Does chandra caste belongs to backward class or sc?


Do veerasaiva belongs to forward caste?

Yes.. a forward class..

What is the caste of King Ravana?

King Ravana is of Brahmin Caste. He belongs to the upper class.

Is 96 kuli maratha lower caste?

No. The Maratha's are from Royal Family. They are warriors. They belongs to Hindu Kshatriya. That's states that Maratha is from Higher class.

Are ghosh other backward class caste?

yes ghosh belongs from obc.

Is golan belongs to schedule caste or other-backward class?

No. Golan doesnt belong to schedule caste or schedule tribe. but they are also nt from very high caste.

Can a man of a lower caste marry a woman of a higher caste?

yes,why not if u love her then dont see the class, caste...........

Does ramgharia Sikh caste belong to minority class?

No ramgharia's are higher in status in class. they are brahmins and are higher in status in jatt.

Does gadde surname belongs to schedule caste?

Based on available information, the Gadde surname does not inherently belong to a specific caste. Surnames can be found among multiple caste groups in India, so it is important to consider other factors to determine caste identity.

Is kanojia caste belong to brahman religion?

kanojias are high class rajputs.They belongs to general class. kanaujia/kanojia caste is belong to kurmi kshatriya caste near kannauj(u.p). in some areas like etawah (u.p) kanaujias are kanykubj brahmin. This caste is not schedule.

What is meant by menon in Caste Vice in south Indian system?

Menon is a sub caste of the Nair Community which belongs to Kerala state. Yes it has its own reservations and is considered as an upper class (caste).

Is udayar caste B C caste in Tamil Nadu?

Yes udayar comes under parkavakulam (udayar, moopanar, nainar) they belongs to Backward class