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Deoxys (Referenced As Pokemon #386 In The National Pokedex) changes forms via a variety of methods. In Ruby and Sapphire Deoxys will appear in Normal form, In LeafGreen it is shown in its defense form, FireRed shows the Pokemon in its Attack form and Emerald Shows it in its Speed form.

Diamond, Pearl and Platiunum versions, Deoxys can be changed by increasing any of its Speed, Attack or Defense stats to change it to that specific type. To return it to normal type all stats need to be even/level.

With HeartGold and SoulSilver Deoxys can be changed by coming into contact with certain meteorites in one of the main cities.

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Q: How does Deoxys change forms?
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How do you change deoxys's forms in Pokemon platnium?

you touch one of the meteors in veilstone city with deoxys as your party leader

How do you change the asteroids in Veilstone into Deoxys?

Well, you can't change the asteroids but you can change deoxys's forms by having it in your party and walking up to an asteroid and pressing the action button or by the action button i mean "A".

How do you get deoxys out of the meteorait?

you can't. It only changes forms of Deoxys.

How can Deoxys can transform in heartgold?

Go to Pewter City and there are meteorites there. Check it and I think Deoxys will change form. (There are 4 rocks: for each of the 4 forms.)

Where to find deoxyes on Pokemon diamond?

You have to Migrate from Fire Red, Leaf Green or Emerald. Or you can use the Action Replay Modifier Code. Also by touching the Meteorites' at the South East of Veilstone City with Deoxys in your Party you can change Deoxys into 4 new forms. Below are the forms. Top Meteorite- Speed Deoxys Middle Meteorite- Change Back to Normal Deoxys Bottom left Meteorite- Attack Deoxys Bottom Right Meteorite- Defense Deoxys

Once you catch Deoxys in emerald how do you make it change forms?

You can't really change it forms... but the only way to let it change forms is to trade it to other versions like leafgreen, firered and ruby or sapphire

Where to find Deoxys in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot find Deoxys in Pokemon HeartGold. Deoxys has to be traded from another game to get into HeartGold. The rocks to the east of Pewter City are used to change Deoxys' forms, but you have to transfer one using Pal Park, first.

How many forms of Deoxys are there?


How do you change deoxy's form on Pokemon black 2?

There is a Meteorite in the Nacrene Museum, talk to the meteorite with Deoxys in your Party to change its form. it can change to any of its forms there.

What are the meteorite's for in veilstone city?

its for changing a deoxys' forms

Pokemon sapphire how do you change Deoxys forms?

You can't change it's form in the third gen games, it changes depending on the game - sapphire is normal form.

What do you do with Deoxys in Pokemon HeartGold?

Just like any other pokemon, you battle with it. You can change its forms on the route East of Pewter City

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