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Ok, this is an educated guess.

These were the best and latest statistics i could get.

In September 2006, Steve Jobs announced that iTunes owned 88% of the legal music download market.

iTunes had 10,152,284 downloads a day on average, from 6 to 8 Billion downloads.

- so like it went from 6 to 8 billion downloads in like 200 days (10M x 200 = 2Billion)

A report released by the IFPI in 2009, stated that 95% of music downloads are illegal.

- so iTunes has 88% of this 5%

If we put that together......... 88% of 5%

The 5% of all music downloads is 11,536,686 a day

so the illegal market is....

230,733,727 illegal music downloads a day.... amazing huh? 230 Million a day.

I'm not going to do the 'per year' calculation, cus it probably wont fit on my calculator. LOL

NOTE - the 3 Statistics are from different times (not accurate)

- iTunes' growth is EXPONENTIAL


- that's their sales up to 8 Billion

- iTunes is over 10 Billion now

- the music industry is better off, people still buy the physical album from a store or sumthin and that's not calculated in this

But take this as the best statistic you can get, cus something like this is hard to track and calculate

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2010-08-15 01:29:00
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Q: How many songs are illegally downloaded per year?
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