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by downloading a mod... just Google it! by downloading a mod... just google it!

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Q: Star wars kotor 2 how do you get Darth revans robes?
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In kotor 1 how do you get revans mask and suit on xbox?

You can get the robes on the Star Forge if you are dark side aligned, anything else is a mod.

Can you get Revans robes in star wars the force unleashed?

no, only in kotar 1

How do you get darrth revan robes in kotor 1?

Near the end of the game there is a room in the star forge with some containers surrounded by an energy field and a console. If you have enough spikes, you can use the console to produce the Star Forge robes if you are lightside/neutral or Darth Revan's robes if you are darkside.

What is the best armor in Star Wars knights of the old republic?

For an evil jedi it is Darth revans armor

How do you get Darth revans robes on kotor 2 for the Xbox?

If you actually researched, the company who made the game only put in malaks armor supposidly, but it looks nothing like malaks original armor and itsvery rare. nothing of revan was put in KotoR 2. not true. for the PC version you can use a mod to make yourself look like malak or revan

Who killed Darth malak?

Without wanting to spoil the ending of KOTOR, the redeemed Darth Revan kills Malak on the Star Forge in the game's final levels.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic How to get Revans Robes?

In the Star Forge (place before the final boss), there is a room down a dead end hallway, just enter kill a lot of sith patrols and you can make 3 pairs of robes.

Where do you get the star forge robes in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic?

Go to the 2nd deck of the star forge ship the go down the walk way till you get to the gun turrets. then take the door to your left, go to the computer select customize robes go to the metal box you can only get it if you are light you git it if not you get revans robes

Who is the hardest sith to beat in Star Wars kotor 1 and 2 Darth traya Darth sion Darth nihilus or Darth malak can you put them in order from easi to hardest please oh and if there is another addit?

Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion, Darth Traya, Freedon Nadd (mod), Darth Malak, Darth Revan.

Can you get revan's suit in kotor 1?

You can get his robes on the star forge if you're dark side aligned but anything else is done using mods.

What books does Darth revan appear in?

--Update-- Darth Revan can be found in the novel 'Star Wars: The Old Republic - Revan' Along with a countless number of KotOR comic books.

How do you get past the ravager in Star Wars kotor 2?

You have to kill Darth Nihilus, plant the four proton charges in the correct positions (shown on the map menu), and escape via where you entered at.