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There is a website called Free internet that has listings of free internet phone services all around the world. In Wisconsin the names of free internet phone services include NetZero, Earthlink, and PeoplepcOnline.

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Q: What are some names of free internet phone services?
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How do you get free internet for your cell phone?

How do you get free internet on your phone

What is internet phone, and where can I find out more about it?

Internet phone is the act of communicating with others through the connection of the internet. There are some free services, like Skype, oovoo, or facetime.

If my building is wireless what do I need for free internet services?

If my building is wireless what do I need for free internet services.

Which Blackberry phone has free Internet?

There is no particular phone that comes with free internet. Although you can get free internet as part as a tariff. Take the Blackberry Storm for instance, if you pay for a mobile plan from O2, you will get free internet.

Are there any free services that offer reverse phone lookup?

The reality is that most free services online are basically free searches that lead a browser to a paid site. Only commonly listed numbers can be found via reverse phone look up currently on the Internet.

Do any landline telephone services offer free phones?

The only way you can get a free phone plan is if you bundle your phone with another service, for example internet, tv or cable. Doing this would allow the company to cut a deal and offer you a free phone. Another option which would give you a free phone would be to set up a VOIP phone, either through skype, or your internet provider.

How can I find about more about free telephone lookup?

Free telephone lookup services are found across the internet. Once you go to one of the free lookup site you just need to enter the phone number you want to get information on and with the click of a button you can get the city where the phone is located or the name of the phone's owner. Anywho is a great website for free lookup services.

How do you get a free phone off the internet?

you can't

i have a laptop, but i can"t afford internet service. how can i get free wireless service?

i have a laptop, but i cant afford internet services i have a laptop, but i cant afford internet services. how can i get free wireless service

Where can I get internet and phone?

You can choose to either go with Verizon or even DirectTV. They don't offer free services, but they do offer great prices on their bundles.

Where can one find free services on the internet?

Internet services are a need of every person. It is important to solve the issues regarding internet troubleshooting so that one can work effectively and efficiently. We provide the very best high-speed satellite Internet and TV services.

Can you use your wireless router to get free internet on your phone or ds lite?

If your phone is capable of connecting to your router, then the answer is yes. You can use it to get free internet on your phone. You just need make sure that your phone gets internet through wireless internet not from phone service provider (Verizon and so on).

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