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If your phone is capable of connecting to your router, then the answer is yes. You can use it to get free internet on your phone. You just need make sure that your phone gets internet through wireless internet not from phone service provider (Verizon and so on).

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If you have a wireless internet router and connect the Wii to it, you would have Wi-Fi. It's free, you just need an Internet Router.

PSPs connect to your wireless router. There's no additional cost for this, but you do of course need wireless internet.

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If you use Optimum for both cable and internet, Optimum will provide a free wireless router. Their current package is the Cable Triple Play, and comes with a free wireless router and a link from your computer screen to your television screen.

When you are paying for internet or email on a phone, you are paying to use a cell phone tower to access the internet from virtually anywhere within range of a cellphone tower. When you use an iPod Touch's internet and email, you are using Wi-Fi, which stands for Wireless Fidelity. You have to be within range of a wireless router, and Wi-Fi is completely free to use. That router is connected to the internet, and that is how an iPod Touch uses the internet for free. Wireless routers can be set up by any individual with high-speed internet, so it is free to use and is not regulated by any company. The router has a range of about 350 feet at most, so it has its limitations, whereas a cell phone tower run by a cell phone company has an extremely large range. Basically, the cell phone company runs the tower you access the internet from through your phone, so they charge you extra to use the internet through their towers, while a router run by yourself or other individual costs nothing for you since you are the one running it.

Yes and No. The Ipod Touch has wi-fi capabilities which means it can connect to the internet using wireless. However you do not get the wireless internet with the ipod, you have to buy it. The best way to do that is to connect one of your computers into high speed and get a router. You can use to router to turn the internet into wireless.

Ok first you need to have a router or modem that has WIFI for internet that is wireless or you can go to some place that says free wifi hope i helped

You can connect to your neighbor's wireless router if it's unlocked. This is illegal, however.

The Xbox 360 wireless adapter allows you to connect to a wireless router without plugging it in directly. You still need the wireless router, and the router must still be connected to the internet. So no. You cannot get free internet access through a two-inch usb device.

A wireless router is like a Modem (internet connection machine) but does not require cables to be connected to the computer itself. You can go on the internet where there is WIFI or wireless connection available when there is a wireless router available. All you need is a WEP code and WPN to gain access. When you have a wireless router, you don't have to worry about dial up or getting kicked off the server because wireless routers are almost 100% glitch free.

It is just like any other wap (wireless access point)....wherever there is wifi for free your internet is free. Works just like a wireless pc/mac. If you have a wireless router at home you're good to go and have instant access to the internet. Same if you stay somewhere they have free wireless internet access and wifi.

Verizon offers cable, phone, and internet in their Triple Play Bundle, which is only available online and is only $54.99 per month. This also includes a free wireless router.

The iPod Touch has a built in Wi-Fi receiver, so the internet is completely free (as long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi router). There is no cost to connect to a Wi-Fi router.The Wi-Fi receiver in your iPod Touch connects to most wireless routers and uses that internet connection. However, you must be within range of a wireless router.

Yes if download the wii internet channel from the wii store you should be able to do it if u have a wireless or wired router.

Using the online features of PSN is mostly free, but the internet itself is not. You will have to own an internet connection and a wireless router to connect your PS3 to the internet. Only premium online features on your PS3 such as Netflix require an extra fee to use.

All routers must use the internet that a customer is paying for. No router has free internet.

If you have a high speed internet, just buy a wireless router (or use your neighbors if they don't mind) and attach it to your modem, and follow all of the setup steps for your router to make it a wireless router. An iPod Touch works with pretty much any wireless router. However, you still must pay your high speed internet bill.

Verizon make discount for user frequently and Verizon wireless free government phone is a part of Verizon wireless internet. Peoples can get the free government phone from Verizon. But they will become low income family or government employee.

No, you can't. But you can connect to the internet using the cell phone operator (verizon, at&t and so on), it might be free.

If you have your own wireless router, it is FREE. You of course have to pay all your internet fees to your Internet Service Provider.

No Internet on the iPod Touch is free! But, you must have a wireless router (Wi-Fi) for the iPod to connect to the Internet through your router's Internet.

its free but you need an wireless Internet connection from a router or something like that

Wireless internet hotspots are extremely useful to those who have a computer, cell phone or ipad, but do not have an internet connection. If they are close to a hotspot, they can connect to the internet completely free!

Verizon wireless has a data plan with unlimited internet usage. This is not technically free internet as you are paying for the plan, but you do have unlimited use with that plan.

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