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Computer Viruses are virtual, an therefore do not physically exist.

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Q: What do computer viruses look like?
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What does a computer virus look like?

Computer viruses are simply computer programs, so they don't really have any physical appearance. You could say that they look like a long string of ones and zeros, or that they look like code. Some viruses may appear on your computer screen disguised as a game or other program - these viruses are called Trojans.

Why do computer viruses exist?

Well... I do like to say that "computer viruses" exist like something and make a computer to be a FOOL. You see, computer viruses are not created like other living viruses. They are created by....

Why are computer viruses called computer viruses?

Because just like viruses in humans, they can pass from computer to computer, being "contagious" in a manner.Plus it ruins your computer like it ruins a body

What are some examples of viruses and what do they do?

Worm Viruses - Copy themselves from computer to computer Trojon - Look like they are helpful to your computer, but are really not Macro virus - sent by E-mail This is a very simple answer, i know :)

How is a computer virus like a real virus?

A computer virus is like a real virus in that both are infectious. Real viruses can travel from person to person, and computer viruses can travel from computer to computer. And of course, both computer viruses and real viruses have harmful effects on the organisms or computers which become infected by them.

How is a computer virus like a human virus?

Computer viruses and human viruses both infect something.

What do influenza viruses look like?

They look like spheres

What are computer viruses?

Computer viruses (also called malware) are mini programs.Most are really rare,like backdoors.

What are three shapes of viruses?

For computer viruses, they have no physical shape, they are a string or program of codes that are made to effect files Regular viruses have a shape, but they are not needed as they dont effect what they do. Viruses just look like any bacterium, or in a spiderlike form.

How do you get viruses on your computer?

when you download a program on your computer that has a viruses

What is viruses that look weird?

virus setting is like a virus removal software it helps your computer get back on track and going good == ==

What are backdoor programs?

They are computer viruses that let hackers and other viruses in to your computer undetected. They are computer viruses that let hackers and other viruses in to your computer undetected.

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