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In order to understand the Nortbridge you have to understand part of it used to be be the Memory Controller Chip (MCC) used to retrieve memory from RAM for the CPU. The MCC was upgraded to not only provide an interconnection between the CPU and RAM but also to be the interconnection between the CPU and other devices on the PC and was renamed the Northbridge. The Northbridge only deals with high-speed interfaces such as the connection to your video and RAM. The Southbridge works mainly with lower-speed devices such as the USB controller and the hard drive controllers. The Northbridge and the Southbridge architecture is called a ChipSet..

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Q: Which are two activites are normally controlled by the northbridge part of the chip set?
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Two activities are normally controlled by the Northbridge part of the chip set?

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What 2 activities are normally controlled by the northbridge part of the chip set?

For most motherboards the Northbridge controls the AGP, or PCIe, slot(both common video/graphic card styles) along with all the RAM slots.

Which two activities are normal control by the Northbridge part of the chip set?

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What chip is the primary interface between the CPU and a RAM?

The northbridge chip. The northbridge connects to the CPU through the front-side bus (FSB) and connects to the RAM through the memory bus.

What chip enables an Intel Core 2 Duo processor to interact with RAM?


What is a CMOS chip?

cmos chip serves as the hub of the northbridge chipset and the soutbridge chipset and its func. is for checking our computer's time settings..

Which chip does the CPU use to communicate with high-speed devices such as video cards or RAM?


What chip set controls the flow of data between the CPU and ram and agp port?


What does a northbridge do in a computer?

It depends on the type of CPU used. Originally, the northbridge chip served as a memory controller, AGP bus controller, and system bus. It interfaced with the CPU, the RAM, and the southbridge chip. The southbridge connected to about everything else. But most of the northbridge functions are now done by the CPU in many computers. The memory controller and sometimes even graphics are in the CPU these days.

What is the function of motherboard south bridge?

Is a chip that implements the "slower" capabilities of the motherboard in a northbridge/southbridge chipset computer architecture.

Which are the chip sets on a computer motherboard?

The chipset of a motherboard consists of both Northbridge and Southbridge. Northbridge is the faster component, as it handles things such RAM and CPU. Southbridge on the other hand, takes things slow and handles components of the motherboard such as USB, Ports (audio, speaker, mic). The Northbridge and Southbridge must be made by the same manufacturer. For example, you cannot put a Northbridge AMD on a motherboard with Southbridge Intel.

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