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No. Swill roll should be baked in a jelly roll pan.

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Yes, You can definitely can do a swiss roll using a baking Pan , Tray. I did it at home by looking at this a YouTube channel called - fabulous cuisines

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Q: Can Swiss roll be baked in a regular baking pan?
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What is a peanuts roll in baked products?

Peanuts take the roll of making a baked good taste like peanut butter it's like a substitute. Also, they make what your baking crunchy.

Why is Swiss roll baked for only 8-10 minutes?

It is baked for such a short time in order to ensure that the cake is still soft and pliable enough to be rolled up.

What is the texture of Swiss roll?

The texture of a Swiss roll is a moist, light and fluffy sponge cake. To avoid cracks in your Swiss roll you have to roll the sponge as soon as It comes out of the oven. then leave to cool on a cooling rack. then unfold the Swiss roll and fill with a filling of your choice. The sponge should be light and airy, not like a thick sponge cake. Hope this helps :)

What is the damp cloth used for when making a Swiss roll?

it is to keep the Swiss roll moist and good, it keeps the moisture and freshness in it. that's what it does

Can you use a regular cake recipe in a Swiss roll pan or will it fall apart when you try to roll it?

You can try. It will depend on the type of the cake. Some, like pound cakes or other moist cakes, might roll better. Drier cakes will begin to crumble, though.

How do you make swiss roll rise?

put yeast in it

How do you make a Swiss roll?

push him down a mountain

When baking bread the outer crusts splits open during the baking proces exposing the soft baked bread inside. What am I doing wrong?

You're either using too much yeast or letting it rise too much before baking. There is an air pocket in the dough that finds a way to escape, cracking the crust. Before putting the dough in the pan to raise the second time, roll it out to 1/2 inch flat and then roll it up jelly-roll style. Tuck the ends under the loaf and place in the pan.

Is Swiss roll healthy?

Yes, Because it is a healthy snack

What word can go before cheese plant and roll?


Can you use a cheesecake spring pan to make a regular cake?

You would have difficulty removing it from the pan without breaking it. If you don't have a spring form pan try using a Swiss roll or lamington tray and make the cheesecake as a slice. If you line the tray with baking paper it should be easy to remove without breaking.

What is a Roll Steak?

A roll steak is a fairly thin steak that is stuffed with ingredients then rolled and baked. Is this what you are talking about?