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  • I'm 24 years old and and was 5'9" 6 months ago. Right now I'm 5'11" without shoes on after taking Maxagen daily for about 4 months. I also do stretching exercises and take other Vitamins and Supplements for muscle building. I don't know if it will work for you but it did work for me.
  • I am revealing Maxagen results to be dubious. I'm going to post it everywhere so that people will not be mislead. I was looking around for reviews to Maxagen myself, and I kept seeing good reviews. Then I realized all the reviews, across different sites, were by the same username. Always the same story, a 24 year old growing a few inches. Being the tech saavy guy that I am, I decided to Google that username. Some of the results I came upon were this person asking how to boost his site in Google searches, and that he owned Maxagen. I also found him posting in photoshopforums. I also found that he owns another site, through nextwave marketing, called heightXL. Maxagen, and HeightXL have the same terms and conditions, which include that your 100% refund, which doesn't require you to send any bottles back, - or so it says on the sites - DOES require you to send your bottles back MINUS the cost of S&H AND that if you opened more than one bottle that you won't be "Elible" for a full refund.

    Maxagen and HeightXL have the same pictures and testimonials, with different names under the pictures. Also in the terms and conditions, it mentions that they are not liable for any viruses you may get from the sites/ordering from them, that they are ALLOWED to put out information that is FALSE ( in my opinion) and are not liable for it. I am going to MAKE SURE that this information is known all over the internet.

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Q: Can Maxagen really make you grow taller?
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