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Yes more than 106

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Q: Can a person die with a 110 degree temperature?
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What will be your body temperature in 75 degree water?

Your body temperature will be about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit all the time. If your temperature falls much below that, you will die of hypothermia.

Why are thermometers so important can people die if their temperature is too high or low?

Thermometers are important in order to tell exactly what a person's temperature is. A person can die from having a temperature that is either too high or too low.

What will happen if the body temperature of a human reach 45degrees?

Surrounding temperature, or body temperature? The latter is not compatible with life. The former only if enough cooling by evaporation of sweat is possible.

Where does the temperature go when a person die?

When a person dies, his heat stops beating which means the blood stops flowing. This is why his body temperature goes cold.

What body temperature do you die in degrees Celsius?

they die at the certain temperature their climate is or by their weather patterns they have in their area as if i die in a veryy hot place like the dessert then i die with the body temperature of heat and i may have died from the heat that they have

How long can mouse live on Jupiter?

A mouse would die almost immediately in Jupiter. The temperature is about -110°C and the atmosphere doesn't have any oxygen for it to breathe.

What episode does Bankotsu die?

episode 122. :'(

Can you not die?

No but people have lived for a long time like 110.

When did Duan Xi die?

Duan Xi died in 110.

When did Zosimus - martyr - die?

Zosimus - martyr - died in 110.

What year did the prophet Jonah die?


When did Antiochus of Sulcis die?

Antiochus of Sulcis died in 110.