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no it can't kill a person without swallowing

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Q: Can hydrogen peroxide kill a person without swallowing?
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What is peroxide effect?

Peroxide is a Chemical Compound; which is created by two oxygen atoms bonding together, by a single bond. Hydrogen Peroxide is most commonly thought of when a person hears peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer. It is the simplest form of peroxide.

What to do if you accidentally swallow hydrogen peroxide?

Ingestion of small amount of the common 3% hydrogen peroxide may cause mild mucosal irritation and vomiting. If conscious drink 4 to 8 ounces of milk or water(see related link).Its not mentioned officially but vitamin c maybe useful in reducing hydrogen peroxide and its byproducts to less harmful products.

Does your liver break down more hydrogen peroxide in the summer or winter?

Neither- the body's internal temperature is regulated (homeostasis) so that enzymes can work at their optimum temperature at all times. The external environment doesn't matter (except in the case where a person gets a dangerously high fever or hypothermia)

How would you revise without changing mood A lonely person cries beside a body of water?

a lonely person laments beside water

Why is hydrogen gas lighter than air?

[answerer one] the word hydro =water and if water evaporates it transforms into a content of air and hydrogen is a gas which is made up of evaporated liquid this is why hydrogen gas is lighter air [answerer two] Let me take this from a purely chemical point of view. One mole of oxygen gas weighs 32 grams, one mole of nitrogen gas weighs 14.01 grams. At standard temperature and pressure, one mole of gas takes up 22.4 liters of space. Earth's atmosphere is (approximately) 78% Nitrogen, and 22% oxygen, knowing that, one can figure that 22.4 liters of air contains .78 moles of nitrogen, and .22 moles of oxygen, which translates into 7.0 grams of oxygen and 11 grams of nitrogen (approximately). So, the density is 18/22.4 grams per liter. Lets compare that to the density of 22.4 liters of hydrogen. 1 mole of hydrogen weighs 1.01 grams, so the density is 1.01/22.4 grams per liter. So, the density of air is 17.821 times more than the density of helium. Correct me if I'm wrong though, I'm still learning chem. [edit] i was a bit off, but i don't know why. I'm assuming hydrogen to be H-1 isotope, but it could be H-2. Because the atomic weight of hydrogen is lower than the atomic weights of the atomss that typically form "air", namely nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and a bunch of other gasses in extremely small concentrations. With lower density, the atoms of hydrogen tend to want to "float" just like liquids behave when different densities are mixed. Hydrogen is #1 on the periodic table of the elements because it has the lowest atomic weight Hello im another person Air weighs 34 tins of baked beans- with nothing inside , this is because of gravity, but if you would weigh it without gravity it would be 17 tins without anything inside so even with gravity hydrogen will be lighter because if hydrogen was 6g- causing gravity, then it would be 3g without gravity dont forget hydrogen is flammable, so it is lighter, but air isnt flammable, so it must be heavier. think of a paper, weigh it about 3g, so burn it about 1g since it all goes together like a family and turns black. By Susana25 also by another person the first bit until hello im another person! Thank you for reading.

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Can one ingest food grade hydrogen peroxide?

I suppose so. I didn't think a person could be allergic to fried chicken, but I was wrong. So you're probably wrong, too ;)

Why most of the times hydrogen peroxide is prepared by using barium peroxide?

it actually makes no sense to me so i think your ebtter off asking a science geek person lol

What is peroxide effect?

Peroxide is a Chemical Compound; which is created by two oxygen atoms bonding together, by a single bond. Hydrogen Peroxide is most commonly thought of when a person hears peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer. It is the simplest form of peroxide.

What home ingredient can you put on your teeth to whiten them?

Using hydrogen peroxide Hydrogen peroxide is a mild bleach that can help to whiten stained teeth . For optimal whitening, a person can try brushing with a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for 1–2 minutes twice a day for a week. If you are looking for natural alternative method to whiten your teeth at home then click the link in my bio to access the my No.#1 recommended method to whiten your teeth very easily at home.

How can a science fair project about hair dye with hydrogen peroxide help someone in real life?

Doing a project based on hair color and peroxide could help a person learn more about the pros and cons of using this mixture and which safety precautions to adhere by.

Will swallowing ejactulate harm a person?

No. It will not unless the person has an STD.

What medical techniques are available for skin lightening?

There are several medical techniques available for skin lightening. A person can rub Vitamin C on their skin to help it. Also Hydrogen Peroxide can help lighten skin.

Does swallowing semen of healthy person cause std?


If the person has history of hepatitis can you get hepatitis by swallowing his sperm?

YES! You can get Hepatitis by swallowing semen. You can also get AIDS/HIV.

What is impaired glottal reflexes?

Glottal reflexes are the ones we use for swallowing. If these are impaired it would mean that the person is having difficulty in swallowing food.

Can you get ill from swallowing sperm?

It the person has an STD you can get the STD sexually transmitted.

Is swallowing sperm unhealthy?

As long as the person doesn't have a STD, then it is not unhealthy.