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There are a is number of extinct volcanoes in Australia which are of course igneous, including a chain stretching from Cairns through the Glasshouse Mountains in south-eastern Queensland to Mount Napier in Western Victoria. (Formed by the Eastern Australian Hotspot.) Besides basaltic cores such as the Glasshouse Mountains, Mount Warning, etc. these produced large areas of flow basalts and rhyolites over the Atherton Tableland through the New England Tableland and so on southwards.

Besides the volcanic rocks, there are intrusive adamellites at Bundaberg, Smoky Cape, and Moruya Head. Large areas of Western Australia have granitic bedrocks.

The coal, iron ore, and alumina mined in Australia are all of sedimentary origin, but the silver, lead, copper, and gold mines in Mount Isa, Broken Hill, Kalgoorlie etc. are all extracted from igneous formations.

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Q: Can igneous rocks be found in Australia?
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