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Yes you can, but you need the right amount of wattage.

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Q: Can you melt a copper wire with a soldering iron?
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Which material is used of soldering wire?


What is the best way to melt copper wire?

what is the best way to melt copper wire?

What tools do you need for soldering?

a good soldering iron and solder. if you are soldering wire splices I recommend using shrink tube too

What kind of tools are included in a soldering iron kit?

A soldering iron kit includes a soldering iron, a soldering iron stand, a sponge, diagonal cutters, long nose pliers as well as wire strippers. This example aplies only to sets for beginners.

What is soldering wire used for?

To join copper wires or pipes to each other.

What has the lowest resistance copper wire or iron wire?

Copper wire.

How to sauder wire without sauder iron?

You can solder wires without a soldering iron using a lighter.

Why can a magnet pick up an iron nail but not a copper wire?

a magnet can not pick up copper wire because copper wire doesn't have magnetic properties. Unlike an iron nail a strip of copper wire can only strengthen the magnets magnetic field

How do you reattached wire to rear defroster on 2000 expedition?

Use a soldering iron and solder it back on.

Can copper wire be made into a magnet?

The copper wire has to be wound around a iron core to get the full effect of electromagnetism.

Explain how to apply tinning technique in soldering?

Strip the wire to desired length. Then hold the wire horizontally and hold the soldering iron underneath the stripped part while holding the solder on the top of the wire. When the wire gets hot enough it will suck the solder into the wire

Is copper wire the same as thugsten wire?

No. Copper wire is made of the element copper. Tungsten wire is made of the element tungsten. Copper wire is made to conduct electricity. Tungsten wire is made for the filament in light bulbs as tungsten does not melt under even very high temperatures.

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