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it cant decolourise

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Q: Chemical reaction between phenol and bromine water?
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What is the reaction of phenol with Bromine?

The hydroxyl group in phenol is an activating ortho/para director, but has some slight steric hindrance too ortho position substitution. Therefore, the predominant product of reaction between phenol and bromine will be 4-bromophenol, if reaction conditions are carefully controlled. With excess bromine, di- and tri-bromo phenols will be formed.

What is the reaction product for bromine plus phenol?

2,4,6-tribromophenol or TBP for short

Does phenol react with bromine?

Yes, at room temperature bromine reacts with phenol and forms 2,4,6-tribromo phenol.

What is the chemical equation of the reaction between phenol and calcium hydroxide?

Calcium hydroxide, a base, will reaction with phenol, a weak acid in a neutralization reaction to give a salt (calcium phenoxide (Ca(PhO-)2) and water.

Balanced equation for the reaction of phenol and sodium carbonate?

There is no reaction between phenol and sodium carbonate

What is the equation for the reaction between zinc and phenol?

reaction b/w phenol and zinc yield benzene by reduction.

Is the reaction between phenol and a primary amine possible?

The reaction between a phenol and a primary amine is possible. It is used in the fabrication of robust multilayer films.

Pertinent chemical reaction of phenol with acidic KMnO4?

i got nose bleed!

Is phenol easier or more difficult to substitute with bromine than benzene?

The substitution reactions of phenol are easier than benzene, phenol directly reacts with bromine and gives tribromo phenol while benzene requires FeCl3 as a catalyst and gives mono bromo phenol.

What is the reaction between sulphamic acid with sodium hydroxide in paracetamol estimation?

what is the reaction between sulphamic acid and phenol

What type of reaction between phenol and potassium permanganate?

single displacement

Why phenols are soluble in sodium hydroxide?

phenol are soluble in naoh because the reaction between phenol and naoh is exothermic and equilibrium lies to right that makes phenol stable.

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