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Oxygen is on period 2 whereas sulfur is on period 3. Therefore, sulfur has more electron shells than oxygen.

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Q: Does oxygen or sulfur have more electron shells?
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Does sulfur have more electron shells than oxygen?

Yes sulfur does have more electron shells than oxygen.

Which have more electron shells oxygen or sulfur?


Why is sulfur larger than oxygen?

Sulfur is larger than oxygen because it has more protons in its nucleus and more electrons in the orbital shells.

Is oxygen has more electron affinity than sulfur?

Yes. Oxygen has greater electron affinity than any other element except fluorine.

Which two elements in the periodic table are more alike oxygen O and sulfur S OR sulfur S and chlorine Cl?

Oxygen and sulfur are more alike. They are present in group-16 and have 6 valence electron.

What is more reactive oxygen or selenium?

Oxygen. Oxygen is a gas making it react faster, while sulfur is a solid.

The addition of electron shells results in?

The addition of electron shells results in more shielding of electrons from the nucleus.

What is the difference between the arrangement of electrons in sulfur and chlorine?

Chlorine has one more electron then sulfur, so it has 1 more electron in the outer shell, 1 more valence electron. Chlorine has 5 electrons in the outermost shell and sulfur has 4.

Is oxygen more electronegative than sulfur?

Yes, oxygen is more electronegative than sulfur. This is because its electronegativity is about 3.44, while sulfur's is about 2.58.

What is characteristic about the outer electron shells of the halogens?

The outer electron shells of the halogens contain seven electrons, and need one more electron to have eight and become stable.

Are chemical properties of oxygen more similar to sulfur or fluorine?

it is sulfur

What is the difference between sulfur and sulfur dioxide?

The sulfate ion is SO42- The sulfite ion is SO32- and is more basic that sulfate.