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Yes. Oxygen has greater electron affinity than any other element except fluorine.

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Q: Is oxygen has more electron affinity than sulfur?
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Does sulfur have more electron shells than oxygen?

Yes sulfur does have more electron shells than oxygen.

Does oxygen or sulfur have more electron shells?

Oxygen is on period 2 whereas sulfur is on period 3. Therefore, sulfur has more electron shells than oxygen.

Which have more electron shells oxygen or sulfur?


Which has more electron affinity oxygen or chlorine?

Electron affinity of chlorine is far grater than oxygen. For oxygen, its value is 141 KJ/mole whereas for Chlorine, it is 349 KJ/mole. Thus, adding an electron is more favourable in case of a gaseous chlorine atom

Which has more electron affinity oxygen or sulphur?

Sulphur. Please see the link.

Which two elements in the periodic table are more alike oxygen O and sulfur S OR sulfur S and chlorine Cl?

Oxygen and sulfur are more alike. They are present in group-16 and have 6 valence electron.

What is more reactive oxygen or selenium?

Oxygen. Oxygen is a gas making it react faster, while sulfur is a solid.

What are the trends and exceptions to the trends in electron affinity?

Down the group electron affinity decreases Across a period electron affinity increases. However, it should be noted that chlorine is having higher electron affinity than flourine due to the small size of fluorine atom)

In anemia 23-DPG is and oxygen affinity is?

In anaemia 23-dpg is increased & oxygen affinity is reduced.. Tissue gets more oxygen... Thanks...

Definition of electron affinity?

The energy change that occurs when an electron is added to a neutral atom. This is usually exothermic. Noble Gases are excluded from this. Equation: X(element)+e-(electron)---------> X-1+ energy

Why the addition of two electrons or removal of one electron requires more energy in oxygen atom?

Type your answer here... when adding an electrons to oxygen it needs more energy in electron affinity in order to attract electrons from other atoms to be stable.and we know that oxygen is in short of two in the other hand when an electron is removed from oxygen it will be unstable and will be needing more ionization energy to be able to remove an electron to it.Thus mean indeed when adding or removing electrons for oxygen it requires energy.

Which has the more negative electron affinity br or br?

Br for sure!