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as we know that energy is associated with matter i.e. energy cannot be present without matter but matter can be without energy. as we go up in atmosphere density decreases mass also decreases due to which most of the energy escapes

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Q: Explain why temperature in the troposphere gradually decreases with increasing attitude?
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How do winds responsible in increasing temperature of a place?

it is because when cold wind from the poles blow it's temperature gradually decreases whereas, when the hot wind or westerlies from the equator blows temperature of the place gradually rises.

What happens to temperature as you move up through out the atmosphere?

Generally speaking, temperature decreases with altitude up to about 10km, then gradually incrases again peaking at around 50km, then falls off again until about 90km, then starts increasing again.

Why does temperature increase with height through the stratosphere?

Ozone absorbs more ultraviolet radiation than does air in the troposphere. As a result, the stratosphere is heated, and air gradually increases in temperature to the top of the layer, called the startopause.

Why does air cool as it moves upward?

Air doesn't necessarily cool as it moves up, generally hotter air is lighter and so moves upward. However in the atmosphere the pressure gradually decreases with altitude, pressure and temperature are state functions and change according to one another. Generally if the pressure decreases (as it does with altitude) the temperature too, decreases.

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