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As the water freezes in the cracks of rocks,the cracks expand. The process repeats itself and the rock eventually breaks.

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Q: How do rocks change when water in them freezes?
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How does a sudden change in temperature break up rock?

in cold countries,water freezes inside cracks of rocks,expands,and causes rocks to break.

How does water affect rock when it freezes inside the rock?

Since water expands when it freezes, it causes cracks in rocks when it freezes inside them.

How do rocks change when water in them freezes What is this process called?

it is called sediment,the rock would stay froze it wont change what so ever

How does water help break rocks apart?

Water expands when it freezes. In winter, water gets into minute cracks in the rocks and then as it freezes it expands and makes the cracks bigger. So more water gets in then freezes so the cracks get bigger still until the rocks break apart.

How might ice change rocks into soil?

Water gets into cracks in the rocks. When the water freezes into ice it expands. This can crack rock. When this happens repeatedly the rocks break into increasingly smaller particles until they are soil. .

How does water change when it freeze?

As water freezes, it expands. this is one cause of erosion because water moves into cracks in rocks and expands when freezing, breaking it open.

How does freezing water weather rocks?

yes it does when water freezes it expands the rocks cracks which he water went inside

What happens during ice wedging?

when water freezes, it expands. when water freezes in cracks and pores of rocks, the force of its expansion is strong enough to split the rocks apart.

What happens first rocks break apart or water fills tiny cracks in rocks and freezes or ice pushes against rocks?

All rocks have cracks in them. If water fills the cracks and freezes, it expands and pushes the rock apart.

What is caused when water in e cracks in rocks freezes and expands?

Erosion ... breaking of the rocks.

What could happen to the rocks when water freezes in the cracks?

It explodes...?

What enters cracks in rocks and forces them apart?

Water can do this if it freezes