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Seismic waves traveling through the inner core go faster than those through the outer core.

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They don't, it is just a theory.

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Q: How do scientists know that the inner core is solid?
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What evidence did scientists use to figure out Earths inner core is solid?

Scientists use the difference in density between the inner and outer core as evidence that the inner core is solid. This was proven using seismic waves traveling through the earth.

What happens in the inner core?

The inner core - the centre of earth - is solid and about 780 miles (1,250 km) thick. The inner core may have a temperature up to about 13,000°F (7,200°C = 7,500 K), which is hotter than the surface of the Sun. The inner core (which has a radius of about 750 miles (1,228 km) is solid. The core is a dense ball of the elements iron and nickel.

What is hotter inner mantle or outer mantle?

the earths core is the hottest part of the earth. the metals in the earths outer core is liquid because of the heat and the metals in the earths core is solid but still the earths core is the hottest

How do scientistS know that the earth's inner core is made of dense iron and it's outer core is liquid?

When eartquakes erupt only certaing wavelengths can travel through both liquids and solids, so when the scientists measure to see at what point in the earth the waves refract they can then tell what parts are solid and what parts are liquid

Why is the inner core a solid?

Dont know exactly i know that heat gives a substance more energy if that helps any.the pressure from everything around it causes it to compress into a solid. >

Which planet has a large solid core?

Scientists suspect that of the well known planets that Jupiter has a solid core that is large in size. It has been discovered that Jupiter contains a core that includes rock and hydrogen metals, but scientists are unsure if deep within the planet contains a true solid core. Of all the nine planets, Jupiter's core contains the most "solid" case for a true solid core.

What evidence did scientists use to figure out that earth inner core is solid rock?

They do not have evidence. In fact most pf things are not even true. The only thing they say they did was put a stick on the ground and with a shockwave they knew what was inside the earth. My opinion is that the core is not what scientists say it is. Due to the fact that we know more about the moon than our own planet.

How do you know how big the inner core outer core and mantle are?

I came to know that how big inner core and outer core and mantle are by reading the books and by searching on wikipedia.

What is the outer core made of liquid or solid?

Melted iron and nickel alloy. It is too hot near the centre, so it is liquid. But if you want to know if the inner core is solid or liquid, then it is solid, because there is too much pressure from the rest of the Earth

Does the liquid in the inner core or outer core flow in currents?

The inner core is solid, but the mantle is the only layer of Earth that flows in currents. These currents are caused by convection. If you don't know what convection is then you might as well look it up because I don't have a good definition.

How do you know that you have an inner core?

because,if we dont have any core we are not a human

Inner core thickness?

i don't know the answer!