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each sodium atom loses an electron and each chlorine atom gains an electron OIL RIG (Oxidation Is Lost-Reduction Is Gain)

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Q: How does the arrangement of electrons change when sodium reacts with chlorine to form sodium chloride?
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What change does the sodium atom have after combining with chlorine?

In presence of chlorine, sodium atoms will discharge electrons to give sodium ions to combine with chloride ions followed by forming a lattice of sodium chloride.

Which process change a chlorine atom into a chloride ion?

chlorine atom will first convert to the gaseous chlorine atom which will then add one electron to form chloride ion.

Why does oxygen change to oxide when combined with sodium?

When nonmetallic elements gain electrons to fill their outer electron blocks in a compound, they change to "ide". Chlorine becomes chloride, carbon to carbide, and oxygen to sodium oxide.

What does a molecule of sodium chloride contain?

The molecule Sodium Chloride (NaCl), is the result of sodium (Na), and chlorine (Cl), reacting with each other until the electrons are balanced. This chemical change causes these two elements to create, what you would know as, table salt.

How many protons and electrons does a chloride ion have?

Protons = 17, electrons = 18There are two isotopes differing in neutron number only :Cl-35 (75%) having 35-17= 18 neutronsCl-37 (25%) having 37-17= 20 neutrons

When naming a compound containing potassium and chlorine change the suffix of the anion name to?

potassium chloride

When naming the compound containing lithium and chlorine, change the suffix of the anion's name to?

"ide" as in lithium chlorIDE

When chlorine gas is separated from sodium chloride gas which change will occur physical or chemical?

It is a chemical change.2NaCl --> 2Na + Cl2

Is Potassium chloride decomposes to potassium chloride and oxygen gas is a physical or chemical change?


What would happen if a sodium atom and a chlorine atom came into contact?

They combine to make sodium chloride, commonly known as table salt.

Is corrosion of metals physical or chemical change?

It is a chemical change, where a chemical such as oxygen or chlorine combines with a metal, forming an oxide or chloride of that metal.

Why will you not become sick if you eat sodium chloride even though chlorine is poisonous?

because when sodium combines with chlorine, the properties change.