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One mole of particles is indicated by Avogadro's number of 6.02x10^23. In this equation we have one mole of molecules, each containing 5 atoms. This equation is thus solved by multiplying Avogadro's number by five which equals 3.01x10^24 atoms.

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Q: How many atoms are in 1.00 mole of molecules if each molecule contains 5 atoms?
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Is water made of atoms or molecules?

Waters is made of molecules. Each of those molecules contains 3 atoms.

Does sodium chloride contain molecules?

Sodium Chloride is a molecule. A molecule contains 2 or more atoms. Each molecule of Sodium Chloride contains 1 sodium atom and 1 chloride atom.

How many atoms are in 3CH4?

The Chemical equation tells you 3CH4 the first 3 tell you that there are 3 molecules of CH4 CH4 has 1 Carbon and 4 hydrogen (it is called methane) making a total of 5 atoms and there are 3 of them so there is a total of 15 atoms. EDIT (by Dr.J.): Not correct. If there are 3 moles as stated, each mole contains 6.02x10^23 molecules and each MOLECULE contains 5 atoms, so the CORRECT answer is (15)(6.02x10^23) = 9x10^24 atoms

How many hydrogen atoms are in 5 molecules of isopropyl alcohol?

Each molecule of isopropyl alcohol contains 7 hydrogen atoms. ln 5 molecules of isopropyl alcohol there would be 35 hydrogen atoms.

Why one mole of hydrogen molecules and one mole of hydrogen atoms have different masses?

Because each hydrogen molecule contains 2 hydrogen atoms!

What term is used for molecules that have identical molecular formulas but the atoms in each molecule are arranged differently?

Molecules that have identical molecular formulas but the atoms in each molecule are arranged differently are called isomers.

How many atoms are in five molecules of hydrogen?

ten as each hydrogen molecules contains two atoms.

How much indidvidual atom are in one molecule of water?

The formula of water is H2O, showing that each molecule contains one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Therefore, each molecule contains three atoms.

How many atoms in 1 mole of water?

There ia 6.02 x 10^23 molecules of water in one mole of water. There are three atoms in one molecule of H2O (two hydrogen and one oxygen) So there are 18.12x10^23 atoms in a mole of water molecules

How is a molecule formed?

Molecules are formed when atoms lose electrons and then attach themselves to other atoms

Exactly 8.7 mol of nitrogen monoxide contains how many nitrogen monoxide molecules how many nitrogen atoms how many oxygen atoms how many total atoms of all kinds?

Multiply 8.7 by avagadros number to get the number of molecules. 8.7x6.02x1023=5.24x1024 molecules of NO. as there is 1 atom of N and one of O for each molecule there are 5.24x1024 atoms of each element. this means that the total number of atoms is 2x5.24x1024 = 1.05x1025 atoms

How many atoms of each element are there in one molecule of the nitrogen?

At standard temperature and pressure, nitrogen exists in molecules with two atoms each.