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I suppose that this solution doesn't exist.

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Q: How many grams of sodium fluoride are needed to make 6.3 liters of a 3.6 molar solution?
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Is sodium fluroide an elctrolyte?

Yes: If sodium fluoride is dissolved in water, the solution will conduct electricity, as will pure sodium fluoride if it is hot enough to melt.

Why can sodium fluoride conduct electricity when it is molten but not solid?

In solution or when is melted sodium fluoride is dissociated in ions.

Why sodium fluoride needed by glucose?

Sodium fluoride can be used as a preservative for blood samples (for the glucose determination) avoiding glycolysis.

State of matter fluoride?

The fluoride in dental products is sodium fluoride, which is a solid, though it is usually dissolved in a solution when used.

What is the pH number of sodium fluoride?

There is no definite pH for any acid or base as it depends as much on the concentration of the substance in a solution as the strength of the acid or base. Still, sodium fluoride is mildly basic so a sodium fluoride solution will have a pH higher than 7.

What two compounds are in sodium fluoride?

Sodium fluoride is the only compound in sodium fluoride.

Is sodium fluoride an acid?

No, Sodium fluoride is mildly basic.

Formula for sodium fluoride?

The formula for sodium fluoride is NaF.

Is sodium fluorure and sodium fluoride same?

Yes. "Sodium Fluorure" is French for Sodium Fluoride.

What is the difference between stannous fluoride and sodium fluoride?

Stannous flouride is tin-based, sodium fluoride is sodium-based.

How many litres of 12 percent sodium hypochlorite solution are needed to make 100 Litre of 2 percent sodium hypochlorite solution?

(x L)((12%) = (100 L)(2%)x = 16.7 liters

Can sodium fluoride dissolve in water?

Sodium fluoride is soluble in water.

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