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Put 100 grams in a beaker and and around 500 mls of water until it dissolves, then top up the beaker to a liter. That is your 10% solution. The percentage solution is a ratio of the weight of the compound to the weight of the final solution.

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Q: How many grams of sodium metabisulfite is needed to make 10 percent solution?
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How can you prevent oxidation of sodium metabisulfite in solution Is pH an important factor in controlling oxidation of metabisulfite will glycerol addition stop oxidation of metabisulfite?

sodium metabisulfite oxidizes best in an alkaline (basic solution). In low pH (2-3) the reaction occurs very slowly or not at all..

Are sodium bicarbonate and sodium metabisulfite the same?

The chemical formula of sodium bicarbonate is NaHCO3. The chemical formula of sodium metabisulfite is Na2S2O5.

What is the Compound name for Na2S2O5?

Sodium metabisulfite

How many litres of 12 percent sodium hypochlorite solution are needed to make 100 Litre of 2 percent sodium hypochlorite solution?

(x L)((12%) = (100 L)(2%)x = 16.7 liters

Is sodium metabisulphite a fungicide?

sodium metabisulfite known to be fungicidal when used alone at high concentrations. sodium metabisulfite has potential undesirable side-effects:1) sodium metabisulfite emits sulfur dioxide at acidic pHs creating a potentially toxic atmosphere for humans, they can contribute to acid rain development.2) Residues of sodium sulfite can remain on treated plants. Many people are allergic to sodium sulfite in foods so metabisulfite-containing fungicides should not be applied immediately before harvest.

How much of a 30 percent sodium chloride stock solution is needed to make 10 ml of a normal saline solution?

The volume is 0,3 mL.

On peeled potatoes what anti browning agent can be used?

sodium metabisulfite

What is exact reaction between sodium metabisulfite and bromine?

2NaHSO3 + Br2 + H2O = NaBr + NaOBr + SO2 + H3O+ I am not happy with this answer - you have a positive charge appearing from nowhere. Also NaHSO3 is sodium bisulfite the questioner asked for sodium metabisulfite which is Na2S2O5 . However, sodium metabisulfite in the presence of water does convert to sodium bisulfite Na2S2O5 + H2O = 2NaHSO3 2NaHSO3 + Br2 + H2O = 2NaBr + H2SO4 + H2SO3

How much sodium bicarbonate is needed to make a 3 percent solution in 1 liter of water?

Three Centiliters (3cl)

Why do sodium metabisulfite and garlic extract have food preservative antimicrobial anti-browning properties Please answer urgently?

You can research this from the links below (While Sodium Metabisulfite has anti browning properties I am not sure that garlic does!)

Is 3 percent sodium chloride solution hypotonic?

This solution is hypertonic.

What is two-thirds and one third intravenous solution?

2.3 percent glucose solution and .3 percent sodium solution

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