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It depends! On what you say? Well, as an example it depends on the temperature of the sea water. The colder the water the greater the amount of DO can be contained. It depends on where the sea water is located; e.g., sea water at the mouth of the Amazon River (or at the mouth of most any river emptying into the oceans) for the fresh water from the river dilutes the salt content of the sea water there.

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Q: How much dissolved oxygen in a gallon of sea water?
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How much sodium chloride and other salts are dissolved in a water sample is the water's?

im asking you

How does algae bloom affect dissolved oxygen?

Nutrients remove oxygen from water either by direct oxidation or through being consumed by plants or animals (bacteria). The potential for oxygen removal is measured by: BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) measures the amount of oxygen that bacteria can remove, COD (chemical oxygen demand) measures how much oxygen can be removed by chemical processes, and TOD (Total Oxygen Demand) is the total of all oxygen removed biochemically and chemically. Generally, colder water can hold more dissolved oxygen than warmer water. If you make a rough nomograph and plot the same amount of dissolved oxygen for a cold and warm temperature, you will see that the cold water is less saturated (can hold more oxygen) than the more saturated warm water. Nutrients effect oxygen levels indirectly in a process called eutrophication. If the nutrient happens to be a limiting nutrient (such as phosphate in lakes), then the carrying capacity of the photosynthetic organisms is raised. This allows for a population growth, commonly seen as algal blooms. The population of decomposers is then boosted too, since they feed (decay) on the phytoplankton/algae. As more and more organic material settles to the benthic zone, decomposers increase and need more oxygen for respiration. This results in oxygen depletion in the ecosystem, making life for marine animals such as fish difficult/impossible.

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When water temperature increases what will the dissolved oxygen content do?

The amount of dissolved oxygen decreases when water temperature increases. Warm water is unable to dissolve as much oxygen gas.

What happens if there is too much oxygen in seawater?

Oxygen in the water is called "dissolved oxygen" because quite simply it is just that. The air naturally diffuses into the water and can reach equilibrium with the water. It is virtually impossible to get too much dissolved oxygen in the water because the excess will convert back to gas and bubble out of the water like so much soda water when you pour it out of the bottle. This said, there is no concern for too much dissolved oxygen in the water. Concern arises when dissolved oxygen levels get too low. When this happens more sensitive plants and animals become weak or die. As a side note, weather, temperature, and salinity all effect dissolved oxygen levels. Faster moving water contains more dissolved oxygen because it has more contact with the air than still water. Cold, fresh water holds more oxygen than warm or salty water. This would mean a cold, fast moving, fresh water stream or river would contain the highest amounts of dissolved oxygen, and the salinity of the ocean water would not be ideal for holding as much dissolved oxygen.

How much oxgen is in water?

8/9 by weight, of water, is oxygen, as part of the water molecules itself. Apart from that, there may be a variable amount of oxygen gas dissolved in the water. This dissolved oxygen is the only oxygen that can be breathed by certain living creatures, such as fish.

How much oxygen gas can be produced by electrolysis of one gallon of water?

The chemical formula for water is H2O. In one gallon of water, there are 210 moles. This means that breaking apart the water will release 420 moles of hydrogen gas. This is equivalent to 4710 liters of gas.

Is iron rust in distilled water?

Yes, provided there is oxygen dissolved, which will be the case if the distilled water is open to the air, a rusting reaction will take place. It will be slow. The reaction is much quicker when there are dissolved salts.

How can too much nutrients be pollution in water?

Nutrients in lakes can cause eutrophication. What happens is that the nutrients cause the algae to grow excessively. As it dies, bacteria consume it using up large amounts of oxygen dissolved in the water. Aquatic creatures that rely on dissolved oxygen (fish) die.

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Why cold water has more oxygen?

The quantity of gas that is dissolved in the liquid is highly dependent of the temperature. Since there is usually air above water, oxygen from the air is dissolving in the water (and other gases, too) and oxygen from the water is "evaporating" to the air, so they form an equilibrium that is primarily dependent of the temperature of water, especially at the surface the water is normally saturated with oxygen (unless is is very polluted and all the oxygen gets used for degrading waste, but this is another story). You can see a graph that represents how much oxygen can be dissolved in the water at the link below (any many other sites).

Why doesnt oxygen dissolve in water?

Oxygen does dissolve in water, how do you think aquatic animals survive without dissolved oxygen.

Why do pollutants affect the amount of dissolved oxygen in water?

Some people get lazy and refuse to wash they re boat upon going into different waters and bring in invasive species which lower the oxygen levels. The worst is algae with uses the dissolved oxygen in the water to breath and suffocate the fish living below them.

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the answer is a mega gallon of water

Can there be too much dissolved oxygen in water for fish to survive?

No. There can not be too much oxygen in a fishes water. If a fish is swimming upside down and it is not of a species known for doing that, then the fish has a damaged swim bladder. The fish is very sick and will die.