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Q: How would you know which is the oldest layer in a rock?
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How would you know which rock layer in a canyon is the oldest?

You would know because the youngest rock layer is always on the top, and the oldest is always at the bottom of the canyon.

Which rock layer is the oldest and why?

the bottom one

What layer of a rock in a mountain is the oldest?

at the bottom

What is the name for the bottom oldest layer of rock?

The bottom layer of rock in a geologic sequence is usually called the basement layer.

Superposition can best be explained new layer on old layer?

Superposition is the theory that the rock layer that is on top is the youngest and the layer of rock on the bottom is the oldest.

Is the layer of rock near the surface the oldest?


When looking at layers of rock which layer is oldest?

In a normal sequence (ie one that has not been tectonically deformed) the oldest layer is the lowest layer - so the one at the base of the sequence is the oldest. This is called the "law of superposition".

What is the definition for principal of superposition?

states that the lowest rock in layers is the oldest and the highest is the youngest rock layer

According to the law of superposition the lowest layer in a cross section of rock is what?

is the oldest

What is the methods that tells you which layer of rock is oldest but does not tell you exactly how old?

Relative dating

Is the oldest layer of rock on bottom?

In normal circumstances, Yes. that is what the law of superposition says.

What is the name of the oldest layer of rock found in Natural Bridge Caverns?

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