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No problems, barium sulphate is insoluble.

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NO problem.

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Q: If you are allergic to sulfur should you take the barium sulfate?
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If you are allergic to sulfur drugs can you drink barium sulfate?

Since it contains sulphur probably not, but i would check with your doctor first.

What happens when solid barium sulfate heated?

Barium sulfate is thermally decomposed in barium oxide and sulfur trioxide.

How many elements form a molecule of barium sulfate?

Three: barium, sulfur, and oxygen.

Is it okay to take an Albuterol sulfate nebulizer if you are allergic to sulfur drugs?

i am allergic to sulfar can i take ventolin

Does a barium enema contain iodine?

Yes, it is a compound of barium, sulfur and oxygen (if a compound has 2 elements and oxygen as well, it usually has 'ate' or 'ite' on the end of the second element, if it that does not apply it will usually have 'ide' on the end, such as iron sulfide, a compound of iron and sulfur).

What is the formula for the simple ionic compound of barium and sulfur?

Barium and sulfur ions both have a charge value of two, but with opposite signs. Barium sulfate is also a neutral species, meaning that the charges are balanced. Thus, the formula is simply BaS.

Is barium sulphate a compound or an element?

Barium sulfate (BaSO4) is a compound. It consists of three elements, barium, sulfur and oxygen chemically combined. Together these elements make up the compound.

If you are allergic to meta bi sulfite does that mean that you are allergic to sulfur?

Not usually, but you can be allergic to sulfa drugs. Natural sulfur sources include eggs and cruciferous vegetables and we need sulfur for our tendons, ligaments and the connective tissues of the body (including our hair and nails.)

Is BaSO4 a covalent and an ionic bond?

Ionic containing barium cations and sulfate anions the sulfate anion is poly atomic and contains 4 sulfur oxygen covalent bonds.

Does ferrous sulfate have sulfur in it?

Sulfate means SO4, and S stands for sulfur, so ferrous sulfate does have sulfur in it.

Formula for barium sulfate?


Is sulphur and sulfate the same thing?

No. Sulfur is an element and Sulfate is a compound with sulfur in it.