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No- the equator is an imaginary line running around the circumference of the earth's centre. The earth's axis is an imaginary pole which runs from the North Pole to the South Pole

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Q: Is there a imaginary pole going through the earth call the equator?
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Where isthe equator?

the equator is an imaginary line going across the middle of the earth

What does the prime maridian divide the Earth into?

The Prime Meridian does not divide the Earth, it is an imaginary line going straight through the center.

What is the difference between a meridian and parallel?

i believe a meridian are the imaginary lines going around the globe, for example, the Equator. Parallels are the imaginary lines going around the globe from the north to the south poles

Imaginary lines going north to south?

-- If the line is straight through the center of the Earth, then it's the Earth's axis of rotation. -- If the line is marked on the Earth's surface and stops at both poles, then it's a meridian of longitude.

Would the equator be affected if the oceanic conveyor belt known as thermohaline circulation were to stop?

The equator, which is the imaginary line that encircles the widest point of the earth at the same distance from both the north and south pole, is a geographic definition only. As such, it cannot itself be affected by anything. Imagine putting an imaginary rubberband around an orange. If you heat up the orange, nothing is going to happen to the imaginary rubberband. However, the climate of the orange as a whole would change, therefore the climate at the position of the equator would change.

What is a line latitude?


What is the line called at 0 degree latitude?

It's the equator - a line of zero degrees latitude going all the way round the earth.

What is the imaginary line in the center going north to south?

It depends on which line you are talking about. It may be the International Date Line,or maybe you meant east to west, so then it would be equator. But for now, it wouldbe the lines of longitude.The imaginary straight line that connects the north pole and south pole directlywithout staying on the surface is the Earth's rotational axis.

What is the difference between equator and equinox?

The Equator is an imaginary line (great circle) on the Earth's surface, which is equidistant from both the geographic poles and lies in a plane perpendicular to the Earth's axis of rotation. It divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.An Equinox is either of the two times during a year when the sun crosses the celestial equator. At this time, the length of day and night are approximately equal as the Sun is exactly above the Equator.The vernal equinox occurs around March 21, when the Sun moves north across the celestial equator. The autumnal equinox falls around September 23, as the Sun crosses the celestial equator going south.

Is all of Brazil below the equator?

Brazil is a very large country and even though most of the country is to the south of the equator, the equator does cut through to country.yes,there are some Brazilian states that are on the equator.

Which line of latitude divides the earth into two equal halves?

Technically, and there isn't an upper and lower half of the world, although maps seem to suggest that. However, there is a northern half and a southern half. These are separated by an imaginary line called the Equator.

What is an imaginary line that runs from the north pole to the south pole and roughly follows the 180th meridian and in the plates where the day begins?

The Equator is the imaginary line that runs east and west half way between the north and south poles. The equator has a latitude of 0 degrees which divides the Earth into the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. The Equator is one of the five named circles of latitude on Earth. Going from North to South, the circles of latitude are called the Arctic Circle, Tropic of Cancer, Equator, Tropic of Capricorn, and the Antarctic Circle.