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Q: Name the four layers of a rainforestDescribe each layer?
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What is the purpose of each layer?

what is the porpuse of the layers

What is the Layers panel?

The Layers panel lists all of the layers making up an image, displaying each layer's name and thumbnail view. You can use the Layers panel to hide, view, reposition, delete, rename, and merge layers.

What does the ozone layer do to the other layers in earth's atmosphere?

There is no interaction of ozone layer with other layers. All of them are independent of each other.

When oil and water are mixed two separate layers form. Each layer is called a what?

Each layer is a phase.

How many RFC for each layer of osi suite?

seven layers

An example of a layer mask?

a example of a layer mask would be layers of each background to make one.

How does the density of Earth's crust compare to the other layers?

The crust is the least dense of the Earth's layers. Each layer is denser than the layer above it. This is very logical, since lighter layers float on top of heavier layers.

Do rattlesnakes have layers and layers of skin?

Rattlesnakes have three principal layers of skin - the epidermis, the dermis and the hypodermis. Each layer may be subdivided into additional layers.

What would the most efficient number of insulation layers be?

It is not simply a question of the number of layers but the properties of each layer.

How does a TCP work?

TCP/IP is composed of layers, wherein each layer is responsible for performing certain operations on the data it receives and passing it to the higher layers. Each layer deals with certain issues related to the transmission of data and renders certain services to its higher layers.

What is the name of each layer of earth starting from earth's center include both layers of the core and all layers of the mantle?

Inner core (probably solid); outer core (probably liquid); mantle, crust.

What are 2 layers of the skin?

There are actually 3 layers to the human skin. The epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. Each layer serves a different purpose to the human body.