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4 molecules

It's Na2CrO4 · 4H2O

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Q: Sodium chromate how many water molecules per formula?
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Does sodium chromate dissolve in water?

Yes, yellow solutionDid you know that (almost) all Sodium salts are soluble in water?

What is the Number of water molecules bound per formula unit of nickel II nitrate?

There are four water molecules bound to Sodium Chromate

What is the chemical reaction between chromic acid and sodium carbonate?

chromic acid + sodium carbonate -> sodium chromate + water + Carbon Dioxide

What is the trihydrate in sodium acetate as trihydrate crystals?

The term trihydrate refers to the fact that three molecules of water are associated with each formula unit of sodium acetate. The formula unit for sodium acetate trihydrate is NaC2H3O2‧3H2O.

What is formed when sodium hydroxide reacts with chromic acid?

This is a neutralization reaction. This reaction should result in producing a salt and water. Sodium chromate is the salt in this instance.

Magnisium chromate in water?

Magnesium chromate remains insoluble in water.

Is lead chromate soluble?

No, lead chromate is insoluble in water

What is the chemical formula for sodium thiosulfate and water?

Sodium Thiosulphate is Na2S2O3 and water is H2O.

What is the structure of sodium chloride and water?

The crystalline structure of sodium chloride is face-centered cubic.

Determining the number of molecules of crystallization water per formula unit of sodium carbonate?

Take a known weight of the sodium carbonate, heat it to above 100ºC to drive off the water, and keep heating until a constant weight is obtained. The difference between initial weight and final weight is the mass of water attached. Convert this to moles and then to molecules and relate this to 1 formula unit of Na2CO3.

What happens when sodium hydrogen carbonate solution is mixed with water?

The ph of the water is increased and the water becomes more alkaline. Water molecules break sodium hydrogen carbonate molecules to ions.

What is the dfference between sodium citrate and sodium citrate dihydrate?

two water molecules