What are molecular compounds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ions are formed by one atom taking an electron or electrons from anothe atom. This forms individual charged particles -- ions which attract each other to form a relatively large crystaline structure. This is an ionic compound.

Moleculecs are formed by atoms which share electrons throught a strong bond which holds them together in very small individual structures called molecules. These may have weak attractions to other molecules but, like water, there is not a strong enough attraction to form solid crystal structures.

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Q: What are molecular compounds?
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Are molecular compounds formed from semimetals?

Molecular compounds certainly can be formed from semimetals, but not all the compounds of semimetals are molecular.

How do you differentiate simple molecular compounds and giant molecular compounds?

simple molecular compounds have weak forces of atraction.

What is the relationship between prefixes and molecular compounds?

the relationship between prefixes and molecular compounds is that, prefix are used to name molecular compounds.

How do molecular compounds bond?

When molecular compounds bond, they share electrons.

Can molecular compounds have covalent bonds?

Correct, molecular Compounds have covalent bond.

Why is it that only molecular compounds can have a molecular formula?

Because there are no compounds that aren't molecules/molecular. The question as posed is nonsense. Rephrase?

How does melting point compare among molecular compounds and ionic compounds?

Molecular compounds tend to have lower melting points.

Are molecular compounds made up of metals or nonmetals?

Some molecular compounds, such as methyl mercury, contain both metals and nonmetals. Most molecular compounds contain only nonmetals, and all molecular compounds contain at least one nonmetal element.

How are the properties of molecular compounds different from those of ionic cmpounds?

Molecular (covalent) compounds are not dissociated in water.

How are atom arranged in molecular compounds?

Atoms are arranged in molecular compounds in groups.

How are molecular compounds formed?

Molecular compounds are formed by two chemical reactions forming in the cell of the nucleus.

Is dinitrogen pentoxide ionic or molecular?

Molecular. (Molecular and covalent compounds are the same).