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The colour of any sample containing copper ions burns with a bluish green flame in the flame test.

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Q: What color does copper nitrate burn in a flame test?
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What color would copper II nitrate burn?

Copper (II) Nitrate burns in a Green flame

What color does lithium nitrate burn?

The color of lithium in the flame test is red.

What metal burns with a blue flame?

In qualitative analysis, flame tests are used in confirming what kind of metal is present in a solution. The green flame or bluish-green flame color is usually present whenever copper metal is present in a solution.

What colour flame do you get when you burn copper chloride?

A bright green color is imparted to the flame by copper chloride

What color does sodium nitrate burn?

In a flame test , the sodium ion will produce a bright yellow flame. The nitrate ion does not produce a colour. Dissolve sodium nitrate in water. Then using a ni-chrome wire, clean it in hydrochloric acid, dip the clean wire intoi the solution. Then pass the wire through a bunsen flame. The pale blue flame, will become bright yellow. Different metal ions produce different flame colours. Lithium = red Potassium = lilac Copper = Blue/green

What color is a copper compound when you burn it?

It depends on the compound. If the compound contains copper (I) ions, the flame is blue. If the compound contains copper (II) ions bonded to a halogen (F, Cl, I, Br, or At), the flame will be a blue-green color, and if the compound contains copper (II) ions and no halogens, the flame will be a deep green.Copper sulfate burns a light/sky blue colour.

What colour does copper nitrate compound when you burn it?


What color is the flame when you burn copper II chloride?

A: If you put a piece of copper wire on any type of flame (most preferably cooking flames), then you would observe that they produce a green color in the flame. Sometimes, it might give youa blue tinge but if it doesn't, it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with the copper you're using.

What color does strontium chloride burn?

Strontium nitrate emits a bright red flame when it is burned.

How does copper burn?

it catches fire with a multi coloured flame.

What color would Potassium nitrate burn?


What color color flame does xenon burn?

Blue or lavender.