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Proteins are labeled with radioactive amino acids so that they can be identified. Scientists use radioactivity to label proteins in order to track them during their experiments, you can follow protein degradation, label proteins that don't have antibodies, label all proteins produced at a certain time, separate proteins produced by intracellular pathogens from host proteins, among many other uses.

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Q: What is the Radioactive molecule used to label proteins?
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radioactive isotope

A radioactive element is sometimes used to trace the pathway of chemical reactions in the cell If newly synthesized proteins are radioactive the radioactive element used could be?

Nitrogen-Building block of proteins

Radioactive sulfur was used to label the ... in viruses?

phase. I think

Which molecule for which phosphorus-32 is used as a radioactive marker?


What has an isotope mass of 32 and is used to label proteins?


What is radioactive thymidine?

Thymidine is a nucleoside that consists of one thymine molecule linked to a d-doxyribose sugar molecule. Radioactive thymidine is usually used in DNA labeling.

What molecule is used to make radioactivity labeled DNA?

Radioactive nucleotide

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DNA is labeled a radioactive phosphorus because when Alfred looked at the examples 32p always pelleted with bacteria but the new Phage made by these infected bacteria contained Radioactive 32p which is why its labeled Radioactive phosphorus.

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The mitochondria contains a circular molecule of DNA that still codes for several proteins used by the mitochondria.

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Messenger RNAMessenger RNA

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DNA and proteins