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Br2 adds directly to alkenes, the (-CH=CH2) end of the chain will become:


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Q: What is the product of bromine and eugenol?
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Write equation for reaction of eugenol with sodium hydroxide and explain why the product is soluble in water?

Eugenol acts as an acid, NaOH acts as the base. NaOH strips a proton from eugenol, forming a salt, Na(eugenol(minus)H) and water.

What is product of styrene react with bromine?

With bromine, it gives the dibromide.

What is the product of eugenol and FeCl3?

The ferric chloride test can be performed to find the existence of phenol when eugenol and FeCl3. If phenol is found the liquid will change color; blue, red, green or purple.

Is eugenol a liquid?

At STP eugenol is a liquid.

What is the product when potassium reacts with bromine?


Is eugenol soluble in water?

Eugenol is practically insoluble in water; it is hydrophobic.

Equation for eugenol and NaOH?

NaOH strips the proton from eugenol giving the oxygen on eugenol a negative charge, a sodium cation, and water

Why would the steam distillation of a mixture of vanillin and eugenol result in the distillation of eugenol only?

Because eugenol has a lower boiling point

How would eugenol react with bromine in carbon tetrachloride?

There is no useful or note-able reaction from these two elements because they don't create a dramatic reaction. Their a neutral reaction/ has no reaction.

What is the chemical formula for phosphorus bromine?

There is no such compound named Phosphorus bromine. It you refer to the product formed in the reaction of phosphorus and bromine, its Phosphorus Tribromide = PBr3

What is the product of the reaction between butene with bromine?


What is the molecular formula of the product of magnesium reacting with bromine?


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How would eugenol react with bromine in carbon tetrachloride?

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