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  1. The sun
  2. Trees and other vegetation
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Q: What natural resource is fossil energy derived from?
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Is natural gas an energy resource?

Yes, it is a fossil fuel

Who invented natural gas energy?

No one invented it. It is a fossil fuel and a natural resource.

What type of energy resource is natural gas?

Natural gas, just like oil, is a fossil fuel

Does solar energy benefits the environment?

Yes. It uses much less energy from fossil fuels which are coal, oil, and natural gas. Instead, it uses sunlight which is a renewable resource. Fossil fuels are not a renewable resource. When Earth runs out, there is no more.

Forms of energy made from the remains of dead plants and small creatures is are called?

Fossil fuels are the forms of energy made from the remains of dead plants and small creatures. Examples of fossil fuels are coal and natural gas.

Is heated water a renewable resource?

A renewable resource has the ability to reproduce using natural or biological processes. The answer to you question depends on how you are heating water if you are using solar energy to heat water than is a renewable resource but if you are using fossil fuel are energy that is produced by using fossil fuels( i.e electricity) then it is a non renewable resource.

3 fossil fuels that make 90 percent of Australia's energy use?

Australia uses coal, oil and natural gas. These are fossil fuels. The amount of energy derived from the wind and solar is rising fast.

Geothermal energy is considered a... fossil fuel renewable resource nonrenewable resource or a recyclable resource?

it is a renewable resource

What is a natural resource that can be converted into other forms of energy to do work?

Fossil fuels. Uranium. Coal, oil and natural gas. Wind and water (hydro-electric). Sunlight. Geothermal sources. Technically, "work" is the conversion of energy with time, as 1W = 1J/s conversion.

Which resource is the main source of energy in the United states?

coal, oil, natural gas. apex

What natural resource will be in the most demand during the 21st century?

Probably coal or fossil fuels, something that can be burned to make heat and energy.

What is natural non-living resource?

Fossil fuel (oil)