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That would be SIX degrees !

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Q: What temperature is 5 degrees more than 1 degree?
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What temperature is 10 degree warmer than 32 degree?

42 degrees.

What is the unit used to measure angels and temperature?

Degrees is the measure for angles and temperature. "Degree" can apply to many things other than angles and temperature. In fact, a degree of angles is quite different from a degree of temperature. You might say more exactly that there are degrees F, degrees C, and degrees K acting as units of temperature measurements, in fact. Also more precisely, you might say that there are 'degrees of arc' as the unit measure of angles. But then, so are 'minutes' and 'seconds' a measure of arc - smaller units of a degree.

Which has a greater difference in temperature Celsius degree or Fahrenheit degree?

Celsius degrees are larger than Fahrenheit degrees.

What temperature is A degrees higher then -7?

If you mean what temperature is a degree warmer than -7, it would be -6.

Which temperature is 20 degree warmer than 52 degree f?

72 degrees F.72 degrees F.72 degrees F.72 degrees F.

What temperature is 10 degrees lower than 1 degree C?

-9 C

Which is a cooler temperature drop----35 degrees C or 35 degrees F?

35 deg C. A Celsius degree is bigger than a Fahrenheit degree.

If your body temperature is a degree or two off are you ill?

If its only a degree or two off, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If its more than 5 degrees off, than you may have a problem I'd say! :)

What temperature is 20 degrees warmer than 10 degrees Celsius?


How many degrees warmer is a temperature of 21 degree F than temperature of -1F?


If irt is 75 degrees f than what is the temperature in degree Celsius?

75F equals 23.9C

What is the normal temperature of a dog during heat cycle?

A dog's normal temperature is between 100 and 101 degrees. During a female dog's heat cycle, her temperature should not vary more than one degree. If it's higher than 101 or lower than 100, see a vet as soon as possible.